following Jesus, believing his word, sharing his mission


Calvary exists to demonstrate the Good News of Jesus to the Valley by living out the teachings of the Bible in community.


Our community gathers Sunday mornings to worship Jesus through dynamic music, compelling expositional Bible teaching, and liturgical rhythms.  The coffee is good, our service is casual and all are welcome! There is Kid's Church for K through 6th grade, and there is a nursery room for parents with infants through toddlers.  

To learn more about us scroll down to see who we are, what we believe, and feel free to listen to the sermons from our Sunday gatherings.  

Meeting Time

Sundays 10am


530 Main St.

Pleasanton CA



(925) 447-4357


Calvary Tri Valley is a Christian church.  Christian means we are followers of Jesus, and church means we are a community that gathers to love and worship God and to serve and enjoy one another.  We do this as a response to the love of God and the forgiveness that has been extended to us through the finished work of Christ.  Below are our 7 defining statements.


1. We are a church that is founded on Jesus and His Word. (Ephesians 2:19-20)


2. We are a church that places a strong emphasis on the faithful teaching of the Bible.  (Acts 2:42)


3. We are a church that is committed to prayer both corporately and individually. (Acts 2:42, James 5:16, Matthew 6:5-6)


4. We are a church that aims to have true fellowship, koinonia, with one another.  (Acts 2:42, Hebrews 10:24-25)


5. We are a church that values a time of worship through song as a vital part of our meeting together, with the primary purpose of simply giving God the praise and glory He is due. (Psalm 30:4, Colossians 3:16)


6. We are a church that strives to serve both the community we live in and one another, reflecting the sacrificial love of God that is freely extended to all through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. (Mark 10:44-45, Acts 2:44-45)


7. We are a church that has a heart to reach out to those that are hopeless and lost in their sin with the gospel of peace that is found in Christ and Christ alone.  (Romans 10:14-15)





A. Clay Worrell

Lead Pastor / Elder

Adam Dobbs

Associate Pastor / Elder


Jon Fisher



Scott Peterson



Jannelle Worrell

Kid's Ministry Lead

Rachael McNeill

Worship Lead

Kyle McNeill

Pastoral Assistant


Caitlyn Cook

Welcome Team Lead





The purpose of community groups at Calvary is simply to give the church an opportunity to have meaningful fellowship in a smaller and more intimate context.  For that reason we meet mid week in homes around the Tri Valley.  Community Groups will vary in style and size but they will all have the same focus: Gospel centered fellowship. Community Groups run from January-May and September-mid December to allow for Summer and Christmas breaks.


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Calvary Kids




At Calvary Kids, we do not simply want children to know of Jesus—our prayer is that every child will truly know Jesus. Instead of merely hearing a “story,” our desire is that children delve into the beautiful truth of the Bible. The little seed of faith in a child is nurtured by interacting with Scripture through lesson-oriented activities, cooperative discussion within the class, and inspired crafts to strengthen a well-rounded teaching.

By supporting a child’s growth in Christ, we encourage them to develop strong roots that are grounded in doctrinal truth and love. As they grow, our hope is their faith is likewise matured, becoming like a mighty oak tree.


For teaching the children entrusted to our care, we currently use the Gospel Project. The key goal of this curriculum is to show that the bible is not just a bunch of stories, but one whole story of how God has worked to redeem us through Jesus Christ, and each story is presented in light of its role in the whole story. Along with presenting the week’s teaching in a thorough and engaging manner, each lesson will also include:

• A “big picture question” that is repeated in every session; to assist the children in understanding the predominant message of a particular section of the Bible.

• A main point; to summarize the lesson to the children and have them understand the focus of the teaching.

• A verse for each session; pertinent to the lesson that is practiced for memorization.

• An activity/game that is fashioned to reiterate and support the lesson, connecting it on a level the children are able to understand.

• A craft to help reinforce the lesson; something tangible to take home as a reminder of what the children learned.

• Along with discussion between the teacher and children, we also present questions and prompts for the class to discuss together, to help one another understand the lesson.

We also send out a parent resource email each Monday which contains the details of what your child learned on Sunday morning. Complete with discussion points and interactive content, you can review the lesson at home during the week.

If you would like to know more about the Gospel Project, you can click here.


Currently we have three different offerings for the families at Calvary;

  1. Nursery: This room isn’t staffed with volunteers, but there are plenty of toys and books to keep little ones happy. For the mothers, fathers or caretakers, the service will be live streamed into the room. Of course, all families with kids of any age are welcome in the main room, so this option is for those who prefer it!

  2. Pre-K through 2nd Grade: Children can be checked in (we use a digital check in system) before service, after which they are welcome to play, catch up with their friends, or draw pictures. Once the service starts, we take the children on a bathroom break. After that, we head back into the classroom for snack time, the activity/game, the Bible lesson (which is both video and verbal), and then wrap things up with the craft. We always have an extra activity or game in our back pocket, and we have some built in free play time for more hands on activities. While this class is developmentally diverse, nearly all are able to participate and have fun.

  3. 3rd-6th Grade: The kids in this class don’t require being checked in, and they stay with their parents through the first songs of worship. Once they are dismissed into the classroom (just off the side of the main service room), they play an “ice breaker” game, complete an activity page that introduces the lesson, hear the Bible lesson while having snack, discuss the lesson through reflective questions, and are given an opportunity to journal or draw their thoughts. Children in this group have an improved ability to learn through discourse, reading, and writing, so the lesson plan for this class follows that guideline. On the last Sunday of every month, this class serves the church in various areas, whether it be greeting at the door or in the younger kids class.

At Calvary Tri-Valley, we consider the safety and security of our children of utmost importance, and thus, each volunteer has had a thorough background check, read and understands our policy and procedures guideline, and has recieved direct approval from the pastoral staff. Each class is led by two volunteers minimum, at all times.

If you are interested in serving in Calvary Kids, you can submit a form to serve here