At Saplings, we do not simply want children to know of Jesus—our prayer is that every child will truly know Jesus. Instead of merely hearing a “story,” our desire is that children delve into the beautiful truth of the Bible. The little seed of faith in a child is nurtured by interacting with Scripture through lesson-oriented activities, cooperative discussion within the class, and inspired crafts to strengthen a well-rounded teaching.


By supporting a child’s growth in Christ, we encourage them to develop strong roots that are grounded in doctrinal truth and love. As they grow, our hope is their faith is likewise matured, becoming like a mighty oak tree.



For teaching the children of Saplings, we currently use the Gospel Project, a curriculum developed to bring the children through the Bible chronologically. Along with presenting the week’s teaching in a thorough and engaging manner, each lesson will also include:


• A “big picture question” that is presented with every session, to assist the children in understanding the predominant message of a particular section of the Bible.

• A main point, to summarize the lesson to the children and have them understand the focus of the teaching.

• A verse for each session, pertinent to the lesson, that is practiced for memorization.

• An activity/game that is fashioned to reiterate and support the lesson, connecting it on a level the children are able to understand.

• A craft to help reinforce the lesson, and to take home as a reminder of what the children learned.

• Along with discussion between the teacher and children, we also present questions and prompts for the class to discuss together, to help one another understand the lesson.


We also provide each family with a set of Big Picture Cards, which correspond with each week’s lesson and supply a variety of questions that allow you to review the lesson at home!


If you would like to know more about the Gospel Project, you can click here, and you may also keep up-to-date with the lesson of the week by following the link to their blog.



Currently, we provide a single classroom for children aged three through twelve, along with a nursery for babies and toddlers, who follow a simplified version of our curriculum. 


At Calvary Tri-Valley, we consider the safety and security of utmost importance for our wonderful children, and thus, each volunteer has had a thorough background check, along with direct approval from the pastoral staff. We also restrict the access to our classroom and nursery to those who have gone through a background check.*


If you are interested in volunteering for Calvary Saplings, you can submit a form to serve here