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Born on the outskirts of the Tri Valley and raised within its beautiful landscape, Ashlee Wong has been delighted to call this area home since her first breath. She has enjoyed living in nearly every city that the Valley has to offer, with a particular fondness for the surrounding hiking trails and local eateries.

A difficult season during adolescence led her to church, where she acquired her first Bible and eagerly read through the New Testament. Beautifully consumed by the Gospel, she became overwhelmed by an all-encompassing love for Jesus. A life transformed, she felt led to surrender completely to the Lord, and dedicate her life to serving Him.

Discovering an irresistible joy in teaching children about Jesus during college, she felt drawn by the Lord to begin studying his Word, and will soon be completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Bible & Theology. With a heart for seeing children eagerly grasp the truth of the Gospel, Ashlee is dedicated to nurturing the seed of faith, and watching each little one grow in the Lord, Jesus Christ.